What training courses/games does the unit come with. Do I have to purchase additional once?


The unit comes with over 400 games including what we call 4D animals.

Several examples on YouTube.

Can I purchase the software only and install it on my own computer?


No. BowSim 4D is a complex and very customized system that is perfectly tuned to all the hardware components.

This is what it looks like.

Can your system facilitate up to 8 shooters at once?


The system is set up for four people but it really does not matter for general training. Most shooting is done in fast progression on constantly changing slides. Speed and training fast shooting is the fun part here. During this type of casual training as many people as are safe to operate can be involved.

How do people use BowSim 4D that do not want to shoot at animals.


The unit comes with all games including what we call 4D animals. They are video clips of moving animals and animal dinosaur or fantasy animations.

Just like when shooting at 3D animals as common in archery no animals will be harmed. 4D animals provide movement in addition and suggest an option bringing young people closer to nature and a lifelike outdoor environment.

Featured are animals from all continents including sounds of native birds and wildlife.

Businesses that do not wish to display 4D animals can create custom playlists for their customers that provide selected content of their choice.

Do the target panels interlock?


We offer different solutions. Most customers choose blocks and tie them together with a frame or tie-downs.  We also offer interlocking systems but they are more pricey and won’t be as fast to set up. It is for each customer to decide on the quality and target material they prefer.

Can more targets be added on later if needed?


Yes. Some customers choose to start with a 3×2 meter (or even smaller) 4D target and add additional height and width later.

A maximum practical height is 2.5 meters as arrows are too hard to pull when any higher. For such targets, the screen will be 4 meters wide. Smaller targets are also possible. Going bigger will require a second projector and target that can connect next to it. Content for such setups is available. To some customers, we offer software that allows even three screens beside each other displaying one continuous image. The target size for such a setup can be up to 2.5×12 meters and requires 3 projectors.

Do you have any recommendation for a company here in the U.S who provides target panels?


This company has a distributor in the US and other parts of the world: https://www.danage.dk/ They are not an official reseller for our custom targets but have delivered to our customers before.

Are the target panels freestanding or do they need support.

This depends on the preferred size and how handy one is creating solutions that work for the purpose of the individual setup. Most of our customers are archers and do not require assistance as they are experienced and find their own solutions. Our targets are between 22 and 25 cm thick so they stand freely to a point. A little supporting structure is easily built. Selfmade target systems that are only 10cm thick can provide great results but require some more structure than heavier solutions.

What is the cost for the monthly videos after the first 12 months?


Please check the shop for current pricing. At the time of writing this entry, the cost for 12 months of updates is around 100 US$/year.

Can you estimate the shipping cost to Ashland, Oregon., USA?

innerhalb der EU kostenfrei

Shipping worldwide is included in the price.

How far back from the target wall do you recommend for archers to shoot?

Depends on the archer's skills

and the equipment used. Generally, a good orientation is to go by the distances that apply in other archery disciplines. However, hitting moving targets with a traditional bow at 6 to 10 meters will be a thrilling challenge for most archers.

Will the BowSim 4D system operate off my Apple Ipad Pro or do I need to purchase another computer/screen?


Generally, you don’t need another screen as the projection is your screen. For permanent setups, some customers purchase a small touch screen for the navigation. However, this is just an add-on that is not needed. We recommend starting without touchscreen navigation. This option can be added any time later.  Here a sample video. These screens can be acquired online at a small cost.

What is the maximum dimension your video projector will project onto the target wall and still deliver a clear image?


It does not really matter. If you choose a WXGA projector with a 16:10 format (such as 1280×800 pixel) you can project a small or a large image. The quality will remain. Depending on the brightness of the projector the target will be brighter or less bright. Projectors with other image ratios as 16:9 or 3:4 are not suited.

Here a video about projectors suitable for BowSim 4D:

What is the approximate time to receive my order once it is placed?

We ship the unit the day payments arrive.

Target and projectors are not shipped from our depot and can take 2 to 4 weeks or longer depending on your location.

I am primarily a mobile archery business. Is the complete BowSim 4D system portable enough for me?


For mobile solutions, it is best to mount the projector and computer on a board or into a box. We have customers that use such boxes. Those hosts all the equipment ready to go and to transport. They are placed on the floor in front of the screen. All that needs doing is to sharpen the image and to plug the sensor into the back of the target wall. It should less than 5 minutes to get started and even less to take down. We do not supply the boxes but can offer advise on how to build them.

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