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Shops are upgrade their indoor archery ranges


Get the visitors of your store excited

Archery shops are finding it increasingly difficult to offer valuable solutions to compete with online retailers. Quality service and the opportunity to test products are key.

Since larger premises are often scarce, every square meter has to be used to the max. For those reasons, it is not surprising that most BowSim 4D users are in fact archery shops. BowSim 4D offers affordable and fully integrated solutions to transform your indoor training area.

With BowSim 4D you can provide all visitor groups with unforgettable experiences and thus retain and make more loyal customers.

Offer your customers the following options

  • Over 40 different training videos for sighting in and testing bows.
  • Over 10 “Fun Ranges”. Cater for a birthday party or a professional event.
  • Over 15 “Competition Ranges”. For competitive target training.
  • Over 60 “Action Games” with moving targets.
  • Over 100, 3D animals with hit zones displayed.
  • Over 400, 4D animals. Moving animals with hit zones displayed.
  • Speed-Archery training on moving targets.
  • Regular competitions with our competition modules.
  • The possibility to use your own videos (trailcam or downloads).
  • Constantly new content and software updates to improve the experience.

No matter how large or small your indoor-range is. Offer the possibilities with a BowSim 4D archery training simulator. All bows and even crossbows can be used.

Why are BowSim 4D customer so successful? They receive regular videos and images to boost their own advertising.

How big is the 4D target?

Our standard targets are 3×2 and 4×2.4 meters (10×6.5 and 13×8 feet) in size to perfectly suit most indoor ranges. Smaller and in between dimensions are possible.

How much space is needed?

A 3 meter (10 feet) wide target already offers fantastic possibilities with a shooting range from 6-8 meters (20 to 25 feet). The more space, the better. BowSim 4D allows you to train at any distances. Many training screens offer moving and small targets, to make BowSim 4D great fun when training on shorter indoor ranges too.

Archery Simulator, Fun Range from BowSim 4D

One of many “shooting ranges” you will have at your fingertips.


Here an overview of the latest updates and new features.

BowSim 4D is cheaper

While the costs seem high at first glance, modern BowSim 4D systems are much cheaper in the long run. This can be quickly established, when considering the costs of displaying a range of different options to different groups of archers in your indoor range. Purchasing just a handful of 3D animals and make the necessary modifications requires an investment that is hard to tackle for smaller businesses. Not to mention offering options for moving-targets or speed-archery.

With BowSim 4D, everything is available with just a few clicks. The backstop target-walls (4D targets) will line the back wall of your indoor range. If the technology is not in use, it makes the perfect backstop for paper targets, balloons and any sort of archery fun you can think of. 4D targets are cheap because they last practically forever. Due to the nature of implementing moving targets, 4D targets are not subject to the same wear and tear that you are used to from conventional archery. Good 4D targets are virtually maintenance-free and should withstand several hundred thousand shots.

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