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BowSim 4D is currently available in all European countries and some international destinations. We are constantly working on increasing our delivery area. BowSim 4D can only be purchased directly in our online shop or by bank transfer. When you visit our shop you will be asked for your country of origin. This helps us identify where most interest exists. If you do not live in Europe, please contact us to discuss deliveries.

Shipping within Europe

We currently offer free shipping to all EU countries.

Shipping outside Europe

We ship BowSim 4D units to many countries worldwide. Due to increased delivery costs, 4D targets and projectors are currently not being shipped to non-European countries. Both are better ordered locally by our customers. 4D Target are made cheaper locally and some customers build their own. For this and what to look for when buying projectors, you will find tips and tricks in our user manual that accompanies your order. For recommendations on specific models or suppliers, we are happy to provide you with information. Shipping and handling fees to your destination may apply.

Change of shipping regulations late 2017

Be aware that due to the recent changes in regulations for worldwide shipping, items with pre-installed batteries or originally packaged individual batteries cannot be sent via post anymore. We apologize for this inconvenience. This means that BowSim 4D customers have to purchase standard batteries locally and insert them into some of out hardware components. You will find detailed instructions with in our product manual.

It is lots of fun to be in touch with our passionate customers all around the world and watching the community grow. While all units are built in Germany the first ones have already made it all the way to New Zealand and Australia.
Harald Bettin
BowSim Company

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