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Software Updates


v. out now

– New Mode and arrow adjustment


v. out now

– Improved user interface



– Bugfixes

Content Updates


Update 40 – out now

New Games:

-Comp Rails 01

-Comp Rails 02

-Fireball 1-3

Hunting Clips:

-7  New Hunting Clips deer USA


Update 39 – out now

New Games:

-Comp ZoomIn

-Comp ZoomOut

Hunting Clips:

-14 new German deer


Update 38 – out now

New Games:

-Flying Dice


-Fight Corona


10.07.20 Reflective arrows now in the 4 BowSim player colors

Black light active and available in different spine values!


19.8.19 New scoring and competition app now available

You can now download a free competition and scoring app to score and compete with their BowSim 4D system. This month we have partnered with a capable and exciting startup from Austria. Just download the free Android and ISO app called 3D Skill Board.

While we are planning some great things with the app we are launching it soft for now. Fell free to explore. 3D Skill Board was originally developed to score traditional archery events and it does a fantastic job at it. With over 25 thousand users worldwide it is an app worth having. Make the most of it.

More features in the App and within BowSim 4D will make both more compatible over time. We can’t wait to take all our customers on this journey.

Here a few screenshots:

3.8.19 Reflective arrows for your 4D event

New blog post on some custom new arrows for the BowSim 4D experience. Those arrows are available to all our customers and anyone else that likes them as much as we do.

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