Reviews – What our customers say


Stefan K (Germany)

Stefan K (Germany)
The system is great and the customer service is top-notch. It’s straightforward, simple and all high quality.

Carsten D. (Germany)

The many possibilities offered by the system are really great. I can perfectly cater to bowhunters as well as to people who don’t like to shoot at any creatures and prefer target games.
The customer service is great !! Even on Sundays if needed. I am very satisfied with the purchase. Good quality, good service. It’s fun for me and my customers!

Martin P. (Austria)

I have such a system and I think it’s genius.

Dirk S. (Germany)

Good soft and hardware! Customer service — great, very fast responding, good tips, challenges are resolved quickly. I’m very satisfied with the purchase.

Mike S. (Germany)

I like the option being able to shoot anytime regardless of the time of the year or local conditions. The customer service accompanies you from the beginning, is friendly and always available.
I am very satisfied with the purchase, as it corresponds with our requirements and is very well-received by our customers.

Ozgur A. (Australia)

I love the after sales support and the unit itself is a great piece of software.

I rate the customer service at 110%. I am very happy with my purchase decision.

Stefanie B. (Germany)

We organize middle and large indoor archery events. The storage, setup, and take down of 3D animals and other targets is cumbersome and limiting. So far we only own one BowSim 4D setup. It offers so many possibilities while using minimal space. We are planning to extend our 4D offerings and decreasing investments in traditional targets. Floorspace is so much better used. It is also easier to transport than traditional event setups.

Jiri K.

Thanks. A good system!

Tom G. (US)

We just received ours. Tested it out some but waiting for our material to make the target wall. It’s gonna be good!

Tony B. (USA)

What I like most about BowSim 4D is the ability to use field tips and to be able to train with crossbows.
The customer service gets a top rating, 10 out of 10.
I am very happy with this purchase decision!
We are having such a good showing with the BowSim system from Hunters to people who have never shot

Uwe Z. (Germany)

Very high rating of the quality of the sequences and the top-notch service. Fast and competent help, even on Sundays!
I am 100% satisfied, exceeding all expectations!

Erik L. (Germany)

Intuitive meets innovative, a new dimension of archery, countless options for training or having fun.
The customer service is very good, with problems or suggestions I feel always in very good hands. Fast and solution-oriented.
A high degree of flexibility of the system, in the setup, software and application. Great Support. Customers speak of the “addictive potential”, Continuous development, so that even after many visits no boredom arises.
Action target games are the cracker for my customers.

Oliviero De S. (Germany)

Hello Harald, the system has arrived. Have tested everything and got a great first impression. Very sharp! I could fully recognize the potential and am very excited to present it to the public for the first time.

The super target of Elite Bogen has also arrived. Top notch! The whole package offers such a professional appearance and new marketing opportunities for my business.

Best regards Oliviero

Stefan H. (Germany)

The amount and variety of targets is outstanding and the customer service is 5 star.

Rainer R. (Germany)

BowSim offers lots of fun and is especially in winter a great way to add challenges for big and small!
The service is great and there are regular updates with improvements!

Larry R. (Germany)

I run a store specialized in archery and bowhunting equipment. I purchased BowSim 4D to attract bowhunters to my store and offer something that they can’t experience elsewhere. Especially the large and growing database of 4D animals is a huge asset for my customers.

Come and check out our new store near Stuttgart when around.

Rolf R. (Germany)

Ourseves and our guests enjoy it a lot.

Roland V. (Germany)

Smooth operation, multiple players possible, moving targets therefore new possibilities for training. Customer service, very good! I’m really happy, great new approach. My personal challenge is the absence of a suitable indoor training area at the moment.

Karoly S. (Austria)

The best part is that the system is super easy to use. The customer service is absolutely amazing. My personal thank you to the support. I am very satisfied because it meets our requirements exactly.

Ralph B. (Germany)

A user-friendly operating system and easy-to-use simulator.
If a star rating would be available, I would give 5 out of 5 stars for the customer service. Any problems that occur are resolved immediately.
Very good communication!!!! The system can do almost everything we expected as a club.The amount and variety of targets is outstanding and the customer service is 5 star.

Jens U. (Germany)

The customers in my shop love BowSim 4D. They are dropping in more frequently, and we have been able to use the little space we have, to offer a comprehensive archery experience rather than a few 3D targets. It also allows us to schedule regular events for our customers. We use them to increase our customer’s loyalty. We are also considering to charge for participation at some of the 4D competitions we run.
This will allow us to set a cash or equipment price each time. Our customers love this.

Rodrigo C. (Chile)

I ordered BowSim 4D for our operation in Chile. When the unit arrived it seemed there was a problem with the hard drive of the computer. I am from an IT background and understand that this can happen. Within 5 minutes I was able to contact the BowSim team via WhatsApp, and we did some troubleshooting. It turned out that there was a problem with the hard drive. Within 12 hours I received my tracking number for a replacement computer unit that was already on the way.
Thanks a lot to the BowSim team and the amazing personal service and support. Rodrigo

Lloyd C. (US)

I’d recommend the 4D system either way, whether for personal use or as a business. It’s a ton of fun to shoot at with your friends. It could be a stand alone that you could build an archery business around as it’s so much more enjoyable than shooting standard targets and gives archers the type of challenge they need to improve their skills.

Antti S. (Finland)

We’ve been really happy with the simulator! It is awesome!!

Andi S. (Germany)

User-friendly software. Possibility to play own videos! Excellent customer service! I am very satisfied because BowSim opens new opportunities for my business! We can present something entirely new to our customers!