BowSim 4D is build that you can use your own archery equipment and arrows. To have only one Equipment all over.
You can use normal target tip and also hunting arrows and tip.

But it can be done even better …

For events and fun we have the perfect carbon shaft for you.

These arrows are specially made for use in BowSim 4D archery cinemas and can be ordered with or without illuminated cams.

They are available in the BowSim 4D player colors.

  • RED
  • BLUE

In addition to good visibility in daylight, these arrows can do even more and are black light active!

Great fun, especially in the event area …

For the event area (16-20 lbs arches) Nijora offers arrows with an 800 spine. Other combinations for stronger bows (20 to 50 lbs) are available in the spine values 500, 600 and 700.

Please order directly from

With UV Light and lumen nocks